iTSimulation Sample Report

This report calculates and summarizes the coronary blood flow and blood pressure after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. Based on the vascular morphology extracted from contrast-enhanced CT images of the aorta and coronary arteries, computational fluid dynamics analysis is performed to investigate hemodynamics.

The simulation allows to create virtual stenosis, add artificial blood vessels, change flow rate conditions, allowing for a variety of validations.
This sample report provides the following information.
  • Videos of Streamline for aorta/coronary artery
  • Videos of Wall Shear Stress of aorta/coronary artery
  • Videos of Oscillatory Shear Index(Index of WSS as a time average)
  • Videos of Pressure for aorta/coronary artery
  • Videos and graphs of Flow rate for right coronary artery(AV, RPD)
  • Graphs of Pressure for right coronary artery(AV, RPD)
  • Videos and graphs of Flow rate for left coronary artery(LAD, DX, SEP1, SEP2)
  • Graphs of Pressure for left coronary artery(LAD, DX, SEP1, SEP2)
  • Boundary condition: Graph for flow rate of Inlet
  • Boundary condition: Graph for resistance and pressure of Outlet
  • Appendix: Settings for software/simulation, explanation of WSS and OSI, references.

  • We are able to export videos and graphs of the desired parameters for the contracted analysis.Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any questions/demo requests.
    ※iTSimulation®, the blood flow analysis software used in this report, is a research software.
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  • Videos of Streamline
  • Table of Contents

    • Videos of Streamline
    • Videos of Vector and Energy Loss
    • Videos of Pathlines
    • Graphs of EDV, ESV, EF, Stroke Volume and cadiac output.
    • Graphs of Flow rate and Kinetic energy
    • Graphs and Videos of Energy Loss


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