• 01
    We aim toward introducing design concepts into cardiovascular surgery and improve the reproducibility of surgery with blood flow imaging.
  • 02
    We aim toward predicting the prognosis of heart failure with blood flow imaging.
  • 03
    We aim toward revealing the cause of aortic disease, which would contribute to establishing clinical guidelines with blood flow imaging.
  • 04
    We aim toward suggesting optimal procedures and indications of congenital heart diseases with blood flow imaging.
  • 05
    We aim toward a standard diagnostic and therapeutic strategy of ischemic heart disease with blood flow imaging.


  • We donate to research in the field of pediatric cardiovascular medicine.
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  • Teruyasu Nishino
    Founder & CEO
    Teruyasu Nishino
    Medical Doctor
  • Background
    Teruyasu Nishino was born in 1976. He studied in Mayo Clinic Elective Clerkship and graduated from Juntendo University. He is a member of the Japanese orthopaedic association. He has managed variety of companies including medical company, social welfare service corporation and other corporations.
“Learn more flow, save more lives” is the corporate mission of Cardio Flow Design, and we aim for a world where medical doctors can diagnose using blood flow easily. Along with the development of IT technology, MRI, and CT, we are now able to know much more deeply about blood flow. Based on this data, we can predict possible future diseases and schedule planned surgeries in advance, which will bring significant innovation to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular medicine and surgery. To make blood flow analysis become a diagnostic technology for the new generation, our team of doctors and engineers are steadily developing their blood flow analysis technology, and we believe the day it can be used for actual diagnosis is close. However, as this field can use much more research, if there is any idea regarding blood flow that can contribute to medical, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Shohei Miyazaki
    Chief Technology Officer
    Shohei Miyazaki
    Doctor of Philosophy
  • Background
    Shohei Miyazaki was born in 1989. He graduated from Waseda University in 2014. After that, he studied hemodynamic analysis using computational fluid dynamics and MRI at the Kitasato university. He joined Cardio Flow Design Inc. in 2015
  • Ryo Okamoto
    General Manager
    Ryo Okamoto
  • Background
    Ryo Okamoto was born in 1989. In 2012, He joined the medical corporation Hakuhokai as a medical social worker. In 2017, He joined the Medical Association Yukoukai as Secretary General.
  • Abdul Ahad Narejo
    Simulation Project Manager
    Abdul Ahad Narejo
    Doctor of Engineering
  • Background
    Abdul Ahad Narejo was born in 1976. He post-graduated with a master’s degree from University West in Sweden in 2008. He also post-graduated with a doctoral degree from Thai-German Graduate School in 2016, which is a joint-venture between King Mongkut’s University of Technology North Bangkok, Thailand and RWTH Aachen, Germany. He also taught CFD related courses and co-supervised master’s student there. He has done several research/industrial projects in the CFD field since 2007. Furthermore, he has also developed a CFD software from scratch, and modelled the gamma-kL transition model. He joined Cardio Flow Design Inc. in 2018, prior to that, he has working/research experience in Sweden, Germany, Thailand, and Japan as well.
  • Remy Grandry
    Chief Information Officer
    Rémy Grandry
  • Background
    Rémy Grandry was born in 1995 in Belgium. In 2006, he moved to France and studied there. He graduated from IPI University in 2019 where he got a master’s in project management and software engineering. He participated to the development of a software that checks the performance of satellites’ amplification for 3 years. He came to japan and joined Cardio Flow Design Inc. in 2020.
  • Kohei Suzuki
    Hemodynamic Engiiner
    Kohei Suzuki
  • Background
    Kohei Suzuki was born in 1992. He graduated from Tokai University in 2015. After that, he studied at the graduate schoolof Physics at Tokai University . He joined Cardio Flow Design Inc. in 2015. He likes programming, fluid analysis, Mathematics, and Physics.
  • Kisako Takeda
    Financial Manager
    Kisako Takeda
  • Background
    Kisako Takeda worked at the tax office until 1999. She served as accounting general affairs for venture companies such as the restaurant industry, flower industry, advertising industry, and human resources industry. After that, she joined Cardio Flow Design Inc. in 2020.


  • Keiichi Itatani
    Founder & Technical Adviser
    Keiichi Itatani
    Medical Doctor
    Doctor of Philosophy
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  • Background
    Keiichi Itatani was born in 1977. He is a cardiovascular surgeon and a researcher of fluid dynamics. Since he graduated from the university of Tokyo in 2002, he has been involved in the clinical practice of cardiovascular surgery, and at the same time, has been thinking about “what the optimal cardiovascular surgery is”, and he started research of fluid dynamics in cardiology. He developed blood flow simulation method useing computational fluid dynamics (CFD), blood flow imaging with phase contrast MRI and echocardiography vector flow mapping (VFM) and he invented energy loss calculation method. He became an endowed chair, Department of Hemodynamic Analysis in Kitasato University School of Medicine in 2012. He founded Cardio Flow Design Inc in 2015, and he is working for the department of cardiovascular surgery in Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine from 2015. He became an endowed chair of Cardiovascular Imaging Research Laboratory in Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in 2016. He became an adult congenital heart surgeon in Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine in 2018. In 2021, he became Hospital lecturer in the department of cardiovascular surgery in Osaka City University.
Cardio Flow Design, Inc. was founded with the aim of developing the blood flow imaging, which had been an advanced research product, to an essential and practical tool and the de facto standard for cardiology and cardiovascular surgery. Blood flow imaging is a translational research field from medical science and computer technology, and we are aiming toward developing engineers and medical scientists for bridging the gap between advanced high-end research outcomes and medical practice. Our goal is to produce new medical research service tools based on flexibility outside of existing frameworks and on profound knowledge and skill on basic science, which would improve the reproducibility of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


  • Corporate Name
    Cardio Flow Design Inc.
  • Address
    22-3 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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  • Establishment
    August, 2015
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    Development and Sales of Application
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    31 Universities, 28 Medical Centers,
    6 Industrial Companies