Cardio Flow DesignPrivacy Policy

Our company is engaged in business activities to contribute to the development of cardiovascular medicine through the blood flow image analysis of cardiovascular diseases. To ensure the high reliability of the analysis data and its rapid provision, we may obtain some personal information from the subjects. To provide highly reliable results, we may collect the subjects’ data. We are deeply aware that we must handle such information with care based on the principle of respect for the individual’s personality.

In recognition of the importance of personal information, the company has established the following personal information protection policy to ensure proper handling.

  • We do not collect, use, or provide personal information for purposes other than those specified, such as for contract analysis service. We take measures to ensure this.
  • We comply with the laws and regulations, guidelines set forth by the government, and other personal information handling standards.
  • We prevent personal information from being leaked or damaged.
  • We respond to complaints and consultations regarding personal information protection.
  • We are continuously improving our personal information protection management system.
August 25, 2020
Cardio Flow Design, Inc.
Teruyasu Nishino, CEO