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iTEcho is a software bundle designed to analyze and visualize blood flow by using echocardiographic images on your own. It is composed of two functions: VFM (vector flow mapping) and IVPD (intraventricular pressure difference). This software bundle enables to evaluate velocity and pressure distributions in ventricles.

Features of iTEcho

  • Visualize blood flow from a single image of echocardiography
    Visualize blood flow from a single image of echocardiography
    iTEcho (VFM: vector flow mapping) is a tool to visualize and quantify blood flow. It shows velocity vectors from the apical long-axis view with a color Doppler image.
  • Visualize and quantify intraventricular pressure differences
    Visualize and quantify intraventricular pressure differences
    iTEcho can evaluate sucking force of the left ventricle with IVPD. The IVPD is calculated from color M-mode images of the left ventricle.

Visualized Parameters

  • Velocity vector
    Velocity Vectors
    Flow velocity vectors are calculated independently from the beam angle.
  • Streamlines
    Streamlines enables to visualize existence of vortices and flow collisions.
  • Energy loss
    Energy loss
    Extra cardiac workload caused by diseased turbulent flow.
  • Vorticity
    Quantified evaluation of rotations of the fluid.
  • Wall shear stress
    Wall Shear Stress
    Quantitative evaluation of wall shear stress.
  • OSI
    Oscillatory Shear Index
    Quantitative evaluation of fluctuation in wall shear stress
  • Topology


Enabled Devices

iTEcho can be performed as vendor-free software if the Echo device can export HDF5 data format. Please contact us for more details.

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