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iTValve is a software designed to analyze an aortic root and valves’ motions by using 4D-CT images on your own. It is based on high-end image processing and computer technology. This software enables you to measure shape parameters such as circumferential length, angle, and area of the aortic root.

Features of iTValve

  • Motion Tracking
    Motion Tracking
    iTValve can evaluate valve motions, which is usually observed by looking to static images. It can also display valve shapes and arbitrary cross-sections during animation, which is useful for discussing valves' functional evaluation.
  • 3D Measurement
    3D Measurement
    iTValve extracts the shape of the valve periphery from the ECG-synchronized CT images and enables 3D measurement of the length, angle, and area of valve periphery in all time phases. It can also follow an arbitrary cross-section in one heartbeat and measure “Effective Height” and “Leaflet Length” in a reconstructed three-dimensional space.
  • Take Your Work to Laptop
    Take Your Work to Laptop
    iTValve is still being improved daily, and new features will be updated as they are implemented. We originally designed iTValve to be used in an operating room so that a low-spec PC such as a laptop can use the software.

Recommended Configuration

  • OS
    Windows 7 or 10
  • CPU
    3.0 GHz
  • Memory
    16 GB


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