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We have developed software suited for clients' research requirements. Until now, we have been supporting a lot of cardiovascular researches with ideas from clinical points of view. We are providing analytical tools specialized in cardiovascular disease that cannot fit in the conventional framework of image analysis and image processing. Please feel free to contact us.

Order Flow

Order Flow
  • Pre-Hearing
    Please consult our doctors and engineers to express specific information.
    For example: Discussion about the software interface, about your struggles.
  • Estimation
    We will send you an estimation of software development cost based on the above workload.
  • Development / Implementation
    Our engineers will develop the software while reporting the current state to you.
  • After-sales service
    The after-sales service includes 6 months of bug fixes for free, as well as acceptance for new features request (additional fee may be charged).


If you would like to order or have any questions,
please let us know from the following contact form
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