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Proven ways to work efficiently!

Hi there! Saksham again!! In this week’s column lets talk about a few things which help me keep focus and maintain my productivity during work, before I used to use the same techniques to elevate my ability to study and increase retention.


  1. Pomodoro Technique: Just like a mechanical component which will wear after usage for a long periods of time, our bodies get fatigued as well. In this age of immediate gratification with all the short form content for example, Reels or shorts, our attention spans is decreasing at an alarming rate.  This technique helps people with short attention spans as well as people who would like to increase productivity in general day to day activities. It requires you to work for 25 mins and take a 5 min short break, the break allows us to take a step back from our current train of thought and leads us to reconsider previous steps from an eagle eye perspective.
  2. Music: The right kind of music under the right circumstances can help increase productivity, focus or even help relieve stress. To increase focus I would generally favor video game music as it is designed to keep you engaged in a particular activity, on the other hand, for relieving stress I would move towards genres like lo-fi, opera or even house music. It generally depends on personal tastes as well. Music without lyrics work best for me.

The Pomodoro Technique — Why It Works & How To Do It


These are two of the methods which I generally use to maintain balance of my well-being and performance at work! I will link some studies showcasing that these techniques help out in a working environment as well as a studying environment.

Pomodoro Technique


Thank you for reading till the end! Until next time!