Fluid flow in everyday life.

As a company we combine our knowledge in Fluid Flow and Medicine to change cardiology with blood flow analysis. But are there other places where Computational Fluid Dynamics is implemented to make our lives efficient? Yes!! One of these fields is the field of transport which is an integral part of our everyday life. Being based in Japan one can be in awe of the impeccable transportation which has been achieved in this country. I feel the crowning achievement is the bullet train also known as the Shinkansen.


Fig 1.1: Shinkansen and its unique nose design


One look at its shape and we can realize that it was shaped to reduce the friction caused by the air when moving at speeds upto 300km/hr. As the speed increases so does the friction because of the air travelling over the train. Every part of the train can be  If we look at the shape of the nose profile, this profile went through various iterations and optimizations to be shaped in such a way. If you find yourself curious do have a look at the research paper regarding this topic here.