An Encouragement of Blood Flow Analysis

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This book has been written as a starting point for those who are interested and want to start researching in blood flow analysis.

If you have already started your research but lack understanding of the details, or you want a deeper understanding of the mathematical formulae and other factors that form the basis of blood flow analysis, we sincerely hope that this booklet would help you.

The main reference material for this booklet is Advances in Hemodynamics Research, authored by Dr. Keiichi Itatani, advisor to Cardio Flow Design. For more detailed information, please read the reference book and other specialist books. However, it is sometimes difficult to read specialist books because they require prior knowledge or contain a lot of information that you would not use. This booklet focuses solely on blood flow analysis and is structured so that each chapter can be read independently.
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  • Table of Contents

    • Blood flow as interpreted by hydrodynamics.
    • Introduction to blood flow analysis methods
    • Analysis case studies
    • Introduction of analytical indicators.
    • Appendix 1: Fluid dynamics in mathematical formulae
    • Appendix 2: Introduction to the papers


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