Cardio Flow Design

Blood flow
simulation: CFD


"Blood Flow Simulation Service" is a contract analysis service mainly focuses on medical researchers.By using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques, blood flow could be simulated like the movie above.We will send you a report with resulted figures if you send or upload medical images acquired from CT or MRI on our cloud strage.

A sample report is available from below.

  • images
  • Target Vessels
    • Cerebral Artery
    • Coronary Artery
    • Aorta (Thoracic, Abdominal)
    • Artificial Dialysis Shunt
  • Features of Blood Flow Simulation Service

    Technology Backed by Researches

    By applying CFD technology to the blood flow in vessels, small flow and pressure changes that can not be measured with traditional measuring instruments can be captured in a 3D visualized way. Dr. Itatani, our company’s adviser and his research team have made use of state-of-the-art IT technology and have delivered numerous research results based on abundant clinical data. With the analysis technology cultivated through these, we have achieved physiological correct flow based on cardiovascular physiology and reproducing the flow closer to the living body on the computer.

    Report with Visualized Materials

    We give a report (format is pptx) with videos, figures, and graphs after blood flow analysis based on your CT/MRI images you send. The report can be directly used for your discussion.
    We will prepare various output according to your request such as streamline, flow rate, pressure distribution, FFR, WSS, OSI, energy loss and stagnation area. You can make an impressive presentation by using them.

    Note: There are limited output on some target cases and areas.
    Note: In steady flow analysis, streamline and WSS is provided in static images, not videos.

    Reliable Software

    We use a reliable software used for various research fields (vehicle, airplane, architecture, ship and biomecanics). And the software is validated many times, and has enough accuracy because our proficient engineers configure the solfware.

    Note: We can give some advice for writing “Method” part of your paper. Please contact us about it.

  • Advanced: Virtual Surgery Simulation

    Surgical strategies can be compared by creating grafts in virtual surgery simulations (using techniques of Computer Graphics) on a case. Blood flow rates and patterns on a case with grafts could be estimated in CFD results.

  • Experiences

      58 cases in 2018 / 45 cases in 2019

      【Suppliers (title omitted, random order)】

      Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Osaka Medical College

      Yamanashi University, Nagoya University, Kumamoto University

      Kansai Medical University, Kyoto University, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

      Tohoku University, Tsukuba University, Tottori University, Wakayama Medical University

      Nippon Medical School, Shizuoka General Hospital, Kitasato University

      Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center

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