Cardio Flow Design

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Advances in Hemodynamics Research

Advances in Hemodynamics 

Editer: Keiichi Itatani
Publisher: Nova Science Publisher Inc.
Publication year: 2015
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  • 09.18-20.2020

    The 68th Annual Scientific Session of the Japan College of Cardiology

    Educational Lecture2

    “Surgical treatment of adult congenital heart disease based on hemodynamics”

    Adviser Keiichi Itatani

  • 02.22.2020

    In-silico Cardiology Conference 2020

    “In-Silico and In-Vivo Cardiology: From the Forefront of Numerical Computing Science to Challenge Cardiac Surgery for Complex Pathologies”

    Adviser Keiichi Itatani

  • 01.24.2020

    The 30th Annual Meeting of Japanese Society of Cardiovascular Imaging Dynamics

    Symposium 2 Cardiovascular evaluation by mathematical fluid dynamics

    “CFD Simulation as Surgical Design: The Role of Blood Flow Analysis in Adult Congenital Heart Surgery”

    Adviser Keiichi Itatani

  • 01.18.2020

    The 22nd Annual Meeting of Japanese Society for Adult Congenial Heart Disease

    Pathophysiology and Management of Fontan Failure in the Era of Extracardiac TCPC

    “4D flow analysis and operative procedure: New Fontan circulation design”

    Adviser Keiichi Itatani


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