Blood Flow Simulation (CFD)

Numerical Flow Analysis on Cloud


Target Vessels

  • Cerebral Artery (Cerebral Aneurysm)
  • Coronary Artery
  • Aorta (Thoracic, Abdominal)
  • Artificial Dialysis Shunt

*Any other cardiovascular system the client requests


Feature of Cloud Analysis Service

Technology Backed by Researches

By applying CFD* technology to the blood flow in vessels, it is possible to visualize small flow and pressure changes that can not be measured with traditional measuring instruments. Dr. Itatani, our company’s adviser and his research team have made use of state-of-the-art IT technology and have delivered numerous research results based on abundant clinical data. With the analysis technology cultivated through these, we have achieved physiological correct flow based on cardiovascular physiology and reproducing the flow closer to the living body on the computer.
* Computational Fluid Dynamics

Any results you requests

You only send CT/MRI images, analysis results will be returned after several weeks. The analysis report (format: Power Point Slide) includes videos, images, graphs. And it can be used as it is for discussion. If you wish, we will prepare various output according to your request such as streamline, flow rate, pressure distribution, FFR, WSS, OSI, energy loss and stagnation area. You can make an impressive presentation by them.


# Some target areas can be provided only limited outputs.
# In steady flow analysis, streamline and WSS is provided in static images, not videos.




Trustworthy Algorithm

We analyze all of them using fluid analysis software ANSYS Fluent® from ANSYS (Pennsylvania State / NASDAQ [ANSS], USA). Fluent is a de facto standard for fluid analysis in various fields such as automobile and aircraft manufacturing industries, building industry, shipbuilding and biotechnology. By using adequate use of trustworthy software that has been thoroughly verified with experimental results, we achieved sufficient analysis accuracy.


Price for Researchers

Analysis Outsourcing fee

Cerebral Aneurysm JPY 50,000
Coronary Artery (including Aortic Root) JPY 100,000
Coronary Artery (only 1 branch) JPY 50,000
Aortic Arch JPY 100,000
Aortic Arch + Abdominal JPY 150,000
Aortic Arch (Child) JPY 50,000
Virtual Surgery Simulation JPY 150,000
Artificial Dialysis Shunt JPY 50,000

Reanalysis fee

Minor correction in report fee ✕ 10%
Reanalysis (with condition change) fee ✕ 50%
Reanalysis (with artery shape change) fee ✕ 100%


Price for Citizen

Coronary Artery JPY 500,000
Virtual Surgery Simulation JPY 1,000,000


Please note that all above prices are exclusive of tax.